“MENDING THE EGO” The Journey Continues…

“Ego = the process of the mind which mediates the unspoken from the spoken
Self-worth, Self-esteem, reality, inner thoughts blurred, frayed, or broken.” ~KG Petrone

Have you suffered a traumatic event in your life that has caused you to suffer internally (ie; grief, heartache, regret, etc.) or do you suffer from an invisible illness, such as depression, OCD, PTSD, etc? This is the second book in the “Ego” series. The first is titled, “The Fractured Ego” both are anthologies comprised of poetry expressing some of these conditions which have affected the sufferer or the “Ego.”

K.G. Petrone published these poems in the hopes that they might inspire, comfort, provoke thought or raise awareness. She originally wrote this collection as a way to purge all her deepest and most guarded thoughts, emotions and rants but while doing so, found them to be a therapeutic journey of healing and recovery. Therefore, she has chosen to share her inner voice while continuing her journey “Healing Thru Words.”


Available on Kindle, Print and Printed Full Color Edition!


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