Enchantingly drenched in the morning’s dew

Even a spider’s web takes on an attractive hue

Glistening in the morning sun it sparkles and shines

Beautifully created with its intricate designs

There in the center waiting for its prey

Clings a large Spider of orange and grey

A creepy crawly nightmarish critter

Giving some the heebie-jeebies jitters

While others run and scream out loud

This little fella stays solemn and proud

It is during this time of the autumn season

Its purpose for living will be given a reason

The poor spider will slow and tire

Until it climbs to somewhere higher

Where it will produce its magical sac

Expelling its energy in one final act

The sac will be all that remains

Curious, yet of what it contains?

I’ll tell you, dear reader, of what’s inside

But it may cause you to run and hide

Because inside this sac of spit and web

Are hundreds of cradles and little beds!

For the spider children to rest their heads

So don’t worry about that sac overhead

Because in the spring it will hatch birthing them all

Until it’s their time for magic during the next fall.


Photo Credit to Jeroen bosch from Unsplash.com


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