Cooking w/ Author, KG Petrone

As our kids leave the nest, some like myself might find the transition of downsizing our meal recipes a difficult task. The adjustment of cooking for a crowd has now transformed into a simple serving for two. This change in our cooking style can result in massive amounts of edible food and money being thrown away.
We desperately try to consume what we have become accustomed to cooking but this is not the answer nor is it healthy. By now, some of us might have found a new love in one of our old familiar appliances. The one we used to house our ice-cream and ice-cubes. Our salvation can be found with our new friend, ‘the freezer.’ It has risen among the ranks and rightfully so, it is our biggest ally against our fattening consumption and assist in avoiding wasteful spoiling of food and our hard earned dollars.
I would like to share my experience with this downsizing process and adjustment by sharing some of my tips and how to’s. Together we can share our own experiences and help make this unwanted transition easier. It is hard enough to get use to how peaceful and quiet our homes have become or to the neverending surprise of something remaining right where we left it. But adaption is in our makeup and we can do this.
Therefore feel free to Join us at Cooking w/ Author, KG Petrone for daily recipes, tips, tricks and how to’s on how to give new life to leftovers with our “Leftover Madness” recipes and how to freeze and store leftovers appropriately.

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