The Plight…

Revamped. Hopefully, this Audio is more legible.

Literary Arts by K.G. Petrone

(warning: suggestive content and language)

He checked his watch, fully aware of the time
Waiting impatiently, for his little ray of sunshine
Tonight he mumbled, “She will be mine”
He couldn’t wait to hear her whimper and whine.

While hiding in the shadows, his senses screamed
Tonight would be the night, he repeatedly dreamed

Brimming with anticipation his bulge began to stiffen and stir
Finally, he would have her;  touch her; take her

She will be mine
She is so fine
She is perfectly sweet
To rape on the street

Patience my friend you’ll soon have your taste
This spot is perfect and we won’t have to chase
For soon she’ll arrive in the exact right place
So we must remain calm and not act in haste

Hand over mouth into the ally we’ll retreat
Before being seen by those on the street
Then, my friend, you will get your…

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