I am so excited to share this 5-Star review for the 2nd book in my Ego Anthology titled “Mending the Ego… The Journey continues” by the IHIBRP.

K.G. Petrone’s “Mending the Ego” is the second chapter in her Ego Anthology collection, a series of poems that progressively deal with the trauma and inner turmoil suffered as a result of mental illnesses, such as depression, OCD, and PTSD.

Petrone’s poetry style is both candid and revealing as she presents first-hand accounts of trauma and depression from her own life experiences, thereby expressing great empathy and consolation to those who suffer from these and other mental health issues. While “Evermore” and “‘I Love You,’ But…” deal with the perils of drug culture and addiction, “Blackout” addresses alcoholism, and “I Don’t Mean To…” shines a light on PTSD. There are more positive notes in Petrone’s writings, such as her odes to motherhood, “Together We Belong”, “Best for You”, and “Loving Embrace”. The works string together beautifully, capturing an individual life in a nutshell and showing that even the darkest times can be overcome through love and acceptance.

With mental health issues at the forefront of today’s society, and with counselors, teachers, law enforcement, employers, and families all looking for clues and answers, Petrone successfully shines a light on the thought-process that causes people to turn to drugs, alcohol, violence, self-hatred, bullying, and suicide. This poetry collection reaches out and inspires, comforts, provokes thought, and raises awareness of those who suffer from mental illness. Petrone’s impactful words can build bridges between those who wish to understand and take positive action and those who suffer in silence and struggle to cope with their innermost thoughts.

I highly recommend “Mending the Ego”, and the entire Ego Anthology Collection, to anyone who suffers from mental illness, and to those who wish to understand, assist, and possibly save the lives of those who live with it each and every day.

Learn more about the IHIBRP (Indie Helping Indies Book Review Project) here.

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