What inspired me to write my Novel?

My Inspiration for my Novel, “Cycles of Time – Revenge is Mine”

While following my dream, as many others have before me, of home ownership, wanting nothing more, than to acquire the house, “with the picket fence.” I investigated the Poconos, a place I always dreamed of moving.

However, due to my budget of a fixed income, I too, just like the colonists of early America, kept pressing west to avoid paying any Association fees. When, I finally came to a town called, “Freeland,” but the fit wasn’t right. I continued to press on when I happened to a small city called Nanticoke.

It was beautiful! The mountains were inviting and the cooler air refreshing. It was exactly what I was looking for. As I researched the area, I came across the story of Frances Slocum and I was instantly inspired. But not as you may think…

I have not had a perfect life and have had to overcome many struggles, such as domestic violence, rape, addiction and more. So when I read her story, it seemed that I related more to the perspective of France’s mother’s and how dreadful and how all-consuming her heart and soul must have felt. Never knowing the destiny of your child, their whereabouts, if they were safe, were they warm, or eating, or needed help. How much I empathetically related to these feelings.

You see, during my, not so perfect life, actually a sinner’s life, I had to endure and overcome the greatest of obstacles and that was to relinquish the custody of my children. It was a choice made not for my selfish needs, but what I thought was best for them. So that they would be given things that I could not afford to give them and they could have a better chance in life to live out of poverty. At the time, I was too over-wrought, weak and lacked the strength and endurance necessary to cope with life after another failed marriage, compounded by the loss of my mother.

Therefore, lacking more insight into me, you might understand why this story sparked such a connection with me. Because I too live with the constant nagging guilt of my past choices. Living in a constant battle within myself between my past and my present.

Therefore, The Cycles of Time – Revenge is Mine has been dedicated to my children and my family who have always stood by me through thick and thin.


[Photo credit: Zach Guinta on Upsplash] Thank you!


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