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Empty, Numb, and Blue by KG Petrone (Spoken Word)

I am who I am...a poem on self-forgiveness and letting go by KG Petrone

  In a flash, it all comes back Every harsh word, every act A volatile past I just can’t shake Trusting you my biggest mistake   I will not let you drag me under I will not falter, I will not blunder   Back to where the darkness waits Open armed to tempt my fate... Continue Reading →

Now Available in Kindle or Print. The Fractured Ego an Anthology of poems by KG Petrone

Coming Soon. "The Fractured Ego," an anthology of poems by KG Petrone. Ego, the process of the mind which mediates the unspoken from the spoken. Self-worth, self-esteem, reality, inner thoughts blurred, frayed, and broken.

The deeper meaning below the storyline of "Cycles of Time-Revenge is Mine" a #suspense #mystery #Novel by #KGPetrone

What inspired me to write the novel: Cycles of Time - Revenge is Mine

A memoir of a woman's battle with depression from within the depths of her mind.

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