Just Breathe... an inspirational poem by KG Petrone

A poem of expression dealing with P.T.S.D. by KG Petrone

Evermore (Part I) a poem on addiction by KG Petrone

  In a flash, it all comes back Every harsh word, every act A volatile past I just can’t shake Trusting you my biggest mistake   I will not let you drag me under I will not falter, I will not blunder   Back to where the darkness waits Open armed to tempt my fate... Continue Reading →

The deeper meaning below the storyline of "Cycles of Time-Revenge is Mine" a #suspense #mystery #Novel by #KGPetrone

First let me explain, the following story from my past is not something I am telling just to rehash or to relive in any way. The reason I am telling this tale is due to my current new path in life, I have found myself facing new challenges, and with that; new fears and old... Continue Reading →

What inspired me to write the novel: Cycles of Time - Revenge is Mine

A memoir of a woman's battle with depression from within the depths of her mind.

Let me entertain you

I'm the type of person who loves scary movies. Are you? I especially enjoy the edge of your seat, spill your popcorn and grab the closest friend next to you kind.

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