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‘Accepting the Ego’ is Book III in the Ego Anthology, a journey of “healing through words.” It is a collection of poems written by KG Petrone dedicated to all those who suffer from maladies of the heart, mind, and soul (eg: heartache, grief, guilt, remorse, regret, etc.), as well as anyone struggling with Mental Illnesses (eg: depression, anxiety disorder, addiction, P.T.S.D, O.C.D., claustrophobia, mania, and others).

We are all flawed, cracked or scarred internally, mentally or emotionally in one form or another. If you live and love you have experienced at least one of the above maladies, conditions or symptoms. Maybe not to the extreme of someone suffering with Mental Illness, but if you breathe you have at one point in your life been there. The insight expressed by K.G. Petrone’s poetry is spot on. Through her writing she brings these conditions, symptoms and/or “fears” into the light. Her hope is to inspire, comfort, raise awareness, and provoke thought in an effort to stop the stigma. She also would like to tell anyone suffering, “You are not alone.”

‘Accepting the Ego’ is K.G.’s concept for embracing and loving one’s flawed self: To accept our humanness… cracks, scars and all. It is a metaphor perfectly expressed by the Japanese art of Kintsugi, a technique used to fill cracks in pottery with powdered gold or other fine metals. The cracked pottery is beautified, accepted and honored rather than discarded or thrown away. Just as although we are all human and make mistakes, we are not disposable or less valuable because of our flaws, cracks, scars or differences. We are beautiful! We are worthy! We are us!

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