Have you ever?

Have you ever?

Verbally abused
Opinions refused

Trust crushed
Dreams flushed

Hopes demolished
Feelings abolished

Have you ever
Longed for pleasure

A one true bond
A connection beyond

Uniting hopes, dreams, and aspirations
To have them blown into shards and obviation

By the soulmate you’d thought you’d found
Leaving you hopeless, tongue tied & bound

Why do we need so much?
From unavailable people and such

A human trait we need to live without
To live free from fear without any doubt

We are complete all on our own
Fuck them bastards choosing to roam

Wherever you are claim your plight
Choosing to leave or staying to fight

It’s not our drama or our disgrace
But our morals we need to embrace

If we chose to stay then accept what is
And leave the past to stay where it lives


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