Literary Arts by K.G. Petrone

This is a very touching video and the words hit so close to my heart. The words are poignant and cause my heart to stop, my eyes to water and my soul to flutter.

There is NO other situation I can think of that causes a “Mother,” to feel so helpless, desperate and hopeless. Then to witness addiction consume their child…

“…Can not make you drink the water (of sobriety)…”

As Mother’s we want to shield our children, tend to their wounds, keep them safe and out of harms way… This disease is slow, painful, and heart-wrenching… To cringe each time the phone rings, suspecting it to be the “dreaded phone call” or the twisted joy and relief to hear that they are safe in a jail, or to finally hear the haunting voice of your child, similar in retrospect, but sadly the voice of a stranger… Then, soon as…

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