The Menacing House

Literary Arts by K.G. Petrone

Live presentation of The Menacing House

Join in as, Jennifer Hart, tells us her childhood memories and the events which propelled her into becoming a detective. She takes us back to when she was a petite outgoing girl in the 2nd grade. To her profound memory of a particular house in her neighborhood, which has stood empty, still and alone for too many years. Its overgrown monstrous landscape trapping it in darkness, sheltering it from the sun’s bright rays. Its walkways, over the passing of time, have become smeared with brown-green moss, while weeds shoot up between its broken slabs of cement. Its dirty windows gawk at you, as you walk past, causing chills to rush up and down your spine.

Many neighborhoods have at least one of these creepy spine-chilling houses. Jennifer still cringes in fear, as she remembers passing a house like this every day on her…

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