The Stairway by KG Petrone (writing prompt from

A Way Out an article discussing addiction, jail and recovery by KG Petrone (A perspective)

The deeper meaning below the storyline of "Cycles of Time-Revenge is Mine" a #suspense #mystery #Novel by #KGPetrone

Is Death really the hardest thing?

I’ve witnessed death and I have felt the anguish and pain at the loss of someone very special to me, but no one could have ever prepared me for the incessant heart-wrenching pain, I would continually endure for a wrong I’ve done to my child. If for nothing else, it was because I did nothing... Continue Reading →

Let me entertain you

I'm the type of person who loves scary movies. Are you? I especially enjoy the edge of your seat, spill your popcorn and grab the closest friend next to you kind.

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