Misty’s Memoirs

Misty’s Memoirs is an all-inclusive series featured only in KG Petrone’s Fractured Ego Newsletter.


Misty for a long time had been conflicted about writing her memoirs. Each time she began to write them the pain of reliving her past became overwhelming and in her next breath, she would delete them. She must have started them at least 20 times in the last few years. Worrying how others would see her, how they might judge her. But then one day she realized, she really had nothing to lose.

These days her family rarely called and their visits even less frequent. They knew all she had gone through and most of what she had done or endured so there would be no reason for them to feel any shock and awe. She had no friends and the ones she did have a long time ago had all distanced themselves from her and who could blame them. For a long time, Misty had been an obnoxious selfish, slutty drunk and addict.


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