What did I do?

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

A poem by Multi-genre International Author and Poetess KG Petrone. Detailing a child’s perspective during COVID lockdown.

What did I do?

Can you please tell me?

Why you’re scared of a sneeze

Can you talk with me?

About why we’re not free


Did I do something wrong

I’ve been in this house so long

I can feel you are stressed

And you never get dressed


I want to understand

I can’t withstand

I wallow in fear

Tell me Mommy dear


Why I’m not in school

I can listen I am no fool

I know things changed

As people are estranged


You never take me anymore

When you leave for the store

What did I do I wish you’d tell

I’m so confused I need to yell


What on earth is going on?

I worry now from dusk to dawn

Please Mommy can you sit with me

Explain why it’s not like it used to be


I miss my school friends

My books, pencils and pens

I miss my daycare playmates

Having fun and feeling great


Please Mommy talk with me

I’m asking you to hear my plea

What did I do? I feel so lost.

I’ll try to do better at any cost


Let me know how to fix my wrong

I promise to do better I will be strong

I wish to knew what I could do

Because right now I haven’t a clue


I’m sorry for whatever I did

Please forgive me I’m just a kid

Talk with me and let me know

Why I’m left home and not in tow


Can you please hold my hand?

Talk to me so I’ll understand

I love you so much with all my heart

My world is dying I’m falling apart





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