A new somber silence can be heard around the world

As coronavirus went airborne in harmful deadly swirls

A roll of the dice still taken by some

Whose actions seem to be profoundly dumb


While the wise cover their mouth and nose

Heeding guidelines suggested by the CDC Pros

A six foot distance from a loved ones embrace

To ensure a germ-free healthy breathing space


Washing and disinfecting all that we touch

This due diligence can seem a bit much

This new predator has seized our beloved nation

And can’t be seen in its victims in early gestation


Blind are those not willing to conform

To a new way of life, our temporary norm

Together we must pause this nation under fire

To save us all from being buried in the quagmire


So to those of you who believe you are all that

We will remember you and even tip our hat

While the loved ones you exposed by your ill-gotten acts

Suffers or dies alone in a room; these are the facts


Maybe your son, daughter, or mother

Maybe a friend, co-worker, or brother

No one will be there to give a comforting touch

No one they know will be aiding their clutch

As they fight for air and the pain is too much


Completely sequestered to a cold lonely room

Fighting a fight fearing their doomed

All because you could not stay home

And thought you could do YOU and freely roam


Time is endless but precious lives are not

Keep rolling the dice and adding to the pot

The devil is waiting he’s saving your spot

Where the wicked burn and the stupid rot


So do tell. How was that non-essential…

trip to the store,

drive to the shore

visit with your friend

Was it really worth it in the end?


Please my friends heed these words

Together we can cut the number in thirds

No one prays to die all alone

Stop going out and use the damn phone



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