Is this punishment?


Unmanned, bare empty shelves

Didn’t get that way by themselves

The stock didn’t fly into pit ‘less chasms

The stomach shocked into spasms

The empty, silent, lonely streets

No clickety clack of people’s feet

The tightly locked, darkened stores

Where is everyone that use to explore?

No children’s laughter can be heard

Only the silence and singing birds.

The world pausing is too great to digest.

Forcing the heart to pound in one’s chest.

No food to buy, no place to dine

“Due to Coronavirus,” it says on the sign.

Left wondering where to go from here

Can’t even grab a drink or a beer

The world finally stopped and all is still

From Italy straight through to Brazil.

Is this our punishment we all must endure?

For not helping the sick or assisting the poor?

Is this why the virus is knocking on doors?

Ravaging our numbers to even the score

Preying on the elderly and little ones we adore




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