Blank Check

[In honor to all that served in the Vietnam Campaign. 1/27/1973 is a day to remember!]


For the love of her country she wrote a blank check
Willing to give her life to serve on the poop deck
Willing to witness the most unholiest of things
Or suffer consequences this commitment brings

She gave her all which is exactly what it took
Without worry to her safety or pocketbook
With pride she served giving all she could
As firm as the toughest strongest hardwood

Yet upon her return stirs an inner recoil
From her survival mode causing inner turmoil
The firm secure soldier she saw in her dreams
Awakens by nightmares bellowing bone chilling screams

Bearing witness to things that shouldn’t have be seen
Would cause any human to fall to one knee
Images trapped to repeat in the back of her mind
Of how wicked is war and how unjustly unkind

This check she wrote was for her soul and all
Consequences of her survival she hates to recall
But here she stands broken and torn
For the freedoms of those yet to be born



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