Fits of Reminders

Fits of Reminders

Scarred with holes like an ole dartboard
From those backstabbers once adored
Injurious punctures left from long ago
Inflicted to stroke people’s selfish egos

Try as one might to move on and let go
They follow relentlessly to and fro
One step toward freedom when their summoned back
Conjured by a scent, sound or action to relive the attack

Dread resurfaces encompassing the soul
Feeding fits of reminders as fear takes hold
Emotions swell in waves of doubt and shame
Just like every time at the mention of their name

Distrust ignites deep in the belly
Turning self-confidence into jelly
Sparks distinguished from a past long ago
That haunt a body with a fractured ego

A raised hand close by causes a knee jerk reaction
To duck and wince to avoid a harmful interaction
From fists of rage that seem frozen in time
Still wielding their power in the back of the mind



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