Split down the Middle

Split down the middle…

Yes, the good lord split us down the middle
Don’t go losing your mind, not even a little
We, women are so much more than that
On our bodies is a head; imagine that
Filled with hopes, dreams and intelligence too
Not very different from men like you
Don’t think for a second that we don’t matter
Or enjoy obnoxious animalistic chatter
Nor do we permission you to reach out and touch
Our bodies with a pinch or a squeeze and such
We are, as complex, as we are strong
So listen up and don’t get this wrong
We enjoy courtship and presents too
Just as much as it seems you men do
We work just as hard and mother’s even more
And don’t really mind when you open the door
Don’t ever command or expect to control
Or revert to old-fashioned idealistic roles
Our careers are just as important as yours
We are doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs
In the workplace, paid as equals, is all that we ask
To be treated with dignity and shown some class
For the woman they wrong might one day be
The precious little girl you raised so lovingly.



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