Can we begin again?

Begin Again?

Can we begin again?
Go far back to when…
I rocked you lovingly tight in my arms
Soaking up all your endearing fine charm

Before the pain and bruises
Before the endless excuses
Back to a happier time
Before the chaos and crime

To erase and stop the abuse
Of alcohol and drug misuse
To change what has become
Of my little handsome son

So please, can we begin again?
Go all the way back to when…
Before innocence was dead in your eyes
When the bounce was still in your stride

My little son I can’t find anywhere
One more night of this …I cannot bare
Sleepless with worry, consumed by fear
For my son, my lonely lost little dear

Today, tears have ceased to form
Numb from the madness of the storm
Overwhelmed, tired, all seems lost
Oh, please don’t pay the ultimate cost

Please I beg, can we begin again?
Go all the way back to when…
When your contagious laughter ignited mine
When your smile filled rooms with sunshine

Addiction ends in one of three ways
At least, that’s the motto, they all say
A Trifecta of Jails, institutions, then death
“Please Addiction don’t steal his last breath.”

You’ve already abolished trust with all the lies
And voided Excitement by his repeated tries
You’ve came quietly like a thief in the night
To claim his soul through trickery and delight

Again I plead, can we begin again?
Go all the way back to when…
You looked upon me as your loving Mother
Playing jokingly with your sister and brother

One more rehab, can reward a night’s sleep
Relief that he’ll get something good to eat
A few days sober and off of the streets
Showered, shaved, looking good smelling sweet

The son I remember has finally returned
Please Addiction, “Stay away, don’t return the concern.”
Don’t reclaim this grown boy that I love so much
Set him free, release him, and remove your clutch

Let him learn how to cope without you in his life
Free from your influence, and free from your strife
Let him always know just how much he is loved
How together in our family he fits like a glove

So please, please can we begin again?
Back to the times of way back when…


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