The why I began using a complete mystery

But, at first, it seemed, so exciting you see

Before I knew I was under its spell

Doomed to live life in utter hell

Completely defenseless unable to refuse

The mystical powers of its euphoric ruse

Its empty promise to erase all my hurt

Unaware as my family and friends desert

Left alone to chase the drug evermore

Willing to sin to get that last score

All my morals evade to continue the rush

All my dreams forgotten and motivations crushed

The values once held pushed to the side

Completely a slave to its ravenous tide

Stripped down baron bobs an empty me

Drowning hopeless in the addictive sea

Imprisoned by its demanding lure

Contemplating death in lieu of more

Now just a sinner, junkie, and whore

Pleading, begging, down on the floor

For a way out…an exit…the door

Before death comes to even the score

Praying for freedom from opiates grasp

Seeking salvation from this evil wrath

The pleasures once found no longer there

Neither are the people who used to care

The heavenly relief it used to provide

Has left this sinner soulless without any pride

Killing all of me as it coursed through my veins

While silently and violently it put me in chains

The drug succeeded in tightening the noose

With the rope secure, debating death or use

Too tired to choose imploring no more

But still, death lurks outside my door

Pounding obsessively it’s me he’s comes for

For eternity forever I’m his evermore



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