I don’t mean to do what I do
When told of an experience you’ve been through
Be it now or in the past
My own trauma floods in fast
Bringing back the emotional flood
In the blink of an eye rapid heart thud
Reliving the moment trapped in my mind
Of horrific emotions of all kinds
Smells, sounds, fear, and dread
Scrabble around and flash in my head
I don’t mean to deflect your pain
When speaking in the “I” seeming vain
It’s just I can’t control the symptoms of
This thing called P.T.S.D they speak of
So when you think it’s all about me
Please know I’m a hostage in the emotional sea
Swept away in the current of your experience
Reliving it with you sincere and serious
So please understand my personal view
With you, by you, I’ll help you through
Hoping one day you never understand
This type of emotional recall first-hand


Photo Credit to Li Yang on Unsplash


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