The Fractured Ego

Expressions and ramblings by a Fractured Ego…

“Ego = the process of the mind which mediates the unspoken from the spoken
Self-worth, Self-esteem, reality, inner thoughts blurred, frayed, or broken.” ~KG Petrone

Have you suffered a traumatic event in your life that has caused you to suffer internally (ie; grief, heartache, regret, etc.) or do you suffer from an invisible illness, such as depression, OCD, PTSD, etc? This anthology expresses some of these conditions which have affected the sufferer or the “Ego.”

I have published these poems in the hopes that they might inspire, comfort, provoke thought or raise awareness. For me, I originally wrote this collection as a way to purge all my deepest and hidden thoughts, emotions and rants but while doing so, I found them to be a surprising journey of recovery. Thus, I have chosen to share my inner voice while continuing my journey “Healing Thru Words.”

Available now on Amazon in Kindle or Print 


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