The Hound

He sweeps his head side to side

Scanning the floors

Hoping to find one surviving tasty



Similarly, to an addict

Sifting through the nap

Of a carpet determined to find

One more euphoric nugget of



I’ve heard it stated

How different animals are

Inferring they do not become

Loathsome desperate addicts



The hound will eat its fill

Consuming anything it can find

A shoe, a sock, a deliciously used tissue

He will consume it all



It’s stomach bloated and sore

Backfires on the mindless beast

Expelling all its mouthwatering treasures

Its stomach was forced to hold



Just as an alcoholic

Will consume shot, beer, wine

Hand over fist, bottle after bottle

Craving more and more until



Assumptions can be made

By their similar gluttony acts

Both suffer from an affliction

Of compulsion, obsession,


2018©KG Petrone


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