Being me…

A day in the life of being me

To suffer from O.C.D. tainted with A.D.D.

Now add a splash of Bipolar

Having days when my moods are all over

Next, mix in P.T.S. Disorder

Where I hide behind my safety borders

Reliving experiences from my past

As they cloud my Today’s and kick my ass

Other days explode worry and fear

For myself and those, I hold dear

Imaginary woes consuming my days

Depression, worry, anger -feeling crazed

Trapped by a never-ending loop

Medication does not comfort nor does soup

An endless hunt for enjoyment

Seeking to find some kind of excitement

Each day a constant struggle

From a million thoughts, my mind does juggle

Hoping to find the path of least resistance

Riding the waves of my bane existence

2018 © KG Petrone

Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash



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