Book Fever

A story hidden, behind the cover

Could be about, a jilted lover

Or an adventure, needing discover


So many possibilities, choices to make

One word at a time, is all it takes

Some stories real, some are fake


An Author and Reader, are both needed

The writer to write, a story completed

A reader to read, let’s go, be seated


Adventure, Horror, all genres await

Some will be sad, some will elate

Others will increase, the Reader’s heart rate


Books can open, an imaginary door

Worlds to discover, and explore

Written to entertain, never to bore


Maybe you long, for a little romance

Plenty of books, offer that chance

Author and reader, in a constant dance


Writing, creating, reading, absorbing

All fulfilling, and very rewarding

Some now offered, as audio recordings


Your adventure awaits, on the pages

Behind the cover, tales for all ages

Get Book Fever, enjoy the contagion


2018 KG Petrone

Photo Credit to Glen Noble on Unsplash


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