The Tale of White Feather


The Professor leaned back in his chair and crossed his legs, “Which always reminds me of a very old Native American folklore. I heard it many years ago while visiting with a Lenape Chief in Ohio:

The story is told of a great Woodland Native High Priest who was bestowed with great magic and many powers. It is told a White Chief came to his village. The High Priest endured many hours of ruthless torture before the White Chief massacred his family and his entire tribe.

After, the White Chief burned all the dead and dying tribesman, woman, and children. The White Chief commanded no harm to befall on the High Priest. It is said the White Chief left the High Priest alive to suffer the torment from the souls of the dead. By the act of the White Chief burning the Natives their souls would live forever in a state of unrest. Their souls forever lost unable to complete their cycle of life, death, and rebirth as is their belief.

The legend continues to say the High Priest was so ashamed for not saving his people with his great magic. He became increasingly consumed by his grief and anger soon losing his mind. Which ignited a fire of vengeance to harden his heart and burn his soul.

The High Priest ventured deep into the forest searching the mountains hoping to find the Mahtan’tu manëtu (Evil Spirit) and ask him for his favor and join with him in his thirst for revenge.

It is also said on this night the Kètanëtuwit (The Greatest Spirit) while watching from the heavens was overcome with sadness for the tribesmen, woman, and children, as their souls were doomed to float among the winds never knowing peace. The souls of the tribesmen, women, and children would never find an end to their quest for rest or rebirth. It is said the Greatest Spirit wept and her tears covered the moon and the stars blanketing Mother Earth in complete darkness.

Kètanëtuwit wanted the High Priest to never forget this night of sadness. Also as a warning to the High Priest reminding him if he joined the Great Evil One our beloved Mother Earth would forever be trapped in great sadness and darkness.

So the Greatest Spirit instructed the Little Xkwe (woman) star to hold the night sacred. And so it was from this night until the end of days. The little woman star would command the moon and stars to hide honoring the restless souls of the dead. Also serving as a warning to the High Priest of Mother Earth’s fate, if he lay with the devils.

A short snippet from “Cycles of Time – Revenge is Mine.” If you found this interesting read more Get your Copy Here.


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