Death Enters

As I sit alone in the candlelight’s glow

Everything is quiet except the wind’s blow

Fighting a battle inside my head

Seeing images of eyes a fiery red

The images it seems, I cannot erase

Of another life, another time and place

A past expectation I failed to fulfill

Hand to mouth and swallow a pill

Longing to let go waiting for forgiveness

For a past life inflicting patient bitterness

Although traveling on a different path

Still haunted by past’s unrelenting wrath

Ghosts of scornful eyes seared into memory

Passing of time rewarded no amnesty

Barren of trust, respect, and love

Swallowing now a fistful of foxglove

Chasing it down with a cold drink

Pushed to my limit right to the brink

Quietly waiting for the dimming of light

As death enters to end my plight

2017 KG Petrone


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