My Friend?


There was a time, I had a friend

This friend of mine took me, to the end

Causing all who I love, to elude me

For they saw something, I could not see

My friend, I thought, was in a glass

Turned on me, and kicked my ass

Now I struggle, just to cope

Like before, when I used dope

A constant battle, deep within

To reject, the comforts of gin

To enjoy life, on its own terms

My heart broken, it yearns and burns

I caused a lot, of suffering and pain

The guilt within, draws tears of shame

My children, are the innocent ones

I have one daughter, and two sons

Who are confused, and all alone?

Their trust in their Mother, fully blown

I cannot take back, mistakes from my past

You have every right, to be upset and crass

Forgiveness I seek, for all that I did

From each individual, and from my kids

Time to forgive, try to move on

To tell the truth, and stop the con

I cannot have a drink, or two

As it is said, to thine own self – be true


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


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