A memoir of a woman’s battle with depression from within the depths of her mind.

After all, she had endured, and all the battles she fought. The one she would never win was the battle within her. A constant physical pain literally surrounded her heart and piercing her gut. Her mind haunted with thoughts of ending her pain. The battle fought within her devoid of purpose, but in the same breath, her emotions dug deep into her being and she longed for death. Growing tired of the pain, the grief, the shame, and of the never-ending humiliation, and loss.

Realizing there was no way of winning this battle, she needed to let go. Her expectations of love, of family, of happiness forever out of reach. They no longer called, wrote, texted or even gave her a hint of their affection. How tired she was of it all. The loneliness, the unbearable grief ripping and tearing at her heart and soul were no longer tolerable.

But, she was a coward, she could not take her own life. She could think of nothing else, other than death’s sweet breath. That enclosure of darkness where she hoped and prayed would end all her pain. “Please, she begged to make it stop!”

But, how to get there? How to travel to the place of undying peace? Where she would no longer feel? Where all her emotional and physical pain would end? She stretched her mind for days, weeks, and years. The answer never surfaced within the depths of her mind.


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Book due for release Dec. 1,  2017.


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