Ladies, be forewarned….

One day you will realize what negative attention is…

It will come after the excitement of getting catcalls, as you walk down the street. It will come after, the first time a man opens the door for you, or when he buys you that first drink. Yes! How empowering and special you will feel.

But one day you will realize the difference between negative and positive attention. The above are examples of each… Confused, I bet. Here is a brief breakdown.

Negative attention is seen as the catcalls when you walk past. The opening of doors, so they can get a better look at your bum, or buy you drinks with the secret premise of getting you intoxicated, therefore, enhancing the dweeb’s chances of getting you to sleep with them. These are plain examples of negative attention.

But, positive attention is one, where a real man will have warm motives, which are direct and easier to read.

There was a time when I was confused and longed for any attention both the good, bad and ugly. But after time, and as you learn from experience. The more you recognize the harm of the negative attention given by the slimy men around you. This is where I bid you fair warning.

Do not be mistaken. And don’t relay to me Kathryn Hepburn’s quote, “It doesn’t matter what they say about you after you leave a room, at least they are talking about you!” Bull Shit! I would tell her.

It does matter, and it is my business. Because when you allow and accept that negative behavior. Eventually, it traps you. Suddenly, you realize that a man is standing way too close. Or under his whispered breath, you hear, “Yeah, walk in front of me!” Or they cross that boundry and actually reach out and touch you inappropriately.

Well until it actually happens to you, enjoy your negative attention. I hope it never happens to you because my thirst for anyone’s attention brought me to a place I would not wish on my enemies.

If you are unsure which type of attention you are getting, or which you are seeking. You need to research it and find out!!

However, if you need me, I will be here. I will be that someone, to pull you from the dark depravity you have yet to discover and I pray you never do.

I will be here waiting and will have my hand held out for you to grab.

You are now forewarned!



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