“Cycles of Time,” what if…

What if the “Cycles of Time,” were like that of an overplayed vinyl album.

Over the years the incessant playing can weaken one of the walls/grooves. The needle, which usually rides the smooth spirals of the carefully placed grooves, is suddenly damaged.

At first, the audio jumps to the next groove, breaking apart the rhythmic symphony of melody reverberating from the speakers. But, when the groove, is breached, the rhythmic chorus of the melody is changed. As a result; the symphony or cluster of notes are doomed to repeat, over and over.

Or worst case scenario; the needle jumps right to the end of the symphony, in turn; the melody’s beginning, climax and finale’ are all meshed into a short second of ear piercing turmoil. Thereby, ending the pleasurable ear-pleasing experience of the album, entirely.

Have you ever watched as the needle hypnotically skated across the album surface? Spinning round and round, slowly gliding elegantly, as it is guided by the spiraling grooves. What if wherever the needle was on that album denoted the present time. Then, it would be safe to assume, the time before or after the “present time,” would represent the past or future.

What if, the “Cycles of Time,” could also develop a ripple or jump in its rhythmic design?

What if, some major significant event from our past could create this metaphoric type of jump or skip? In turn, weakening the layered grooves holding time focused on its swirling course to its never-ending finale.

Now think, what if, we consider, each groove to be a dimension of time, or realm, or a world, i.e. heaven or hell?

What devastation would occur by the breaching of this groove in the “Cycles of time?” What would the turmoil be like, how would it gestate itself, and how would we survive the deafening life ending collision, when these dimensions of time crash, blend and merge?

Would earth survive, if the “Cycles of Time,” merged forcing us to share in our present time, its deafening coalesce of the beginning, the climax and the end?


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