Let me entertain you

I’m the type of person who loves scary movies. Are you? I especially enjoy the edge of your seat, spill your popcorn and grab the closest friend next to you kind.

If you are one of these kinds of people, you are my kind of people. You are the person I am seeking to entertain with my series, “Cycles of Time.”

What is the “Cycles of Time,” about? You ask? How do you exactly explain something that is so complex? Humm, Let’s try by comparing it to Karma. Karma is defined as, “destiny or fate, following as effect from cause.” However, when we, the general public, refer to “Karma,” we usually use it as a term for payback for wrong living or wrongs toward others.”

This is true in the “Cycles of Time series,” wherein, the wrongs created in the past, don’t always stay in the past. Sometimes, just sometimes, they breach that thin membrane layer between the dimensions of past and present.

What face would you give this type of Karma? Who would you call to end this, “living” Karma?

All the answers will come to light within the series, “Cycles of Time!”


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