Are you willing to pay the price?

I moved to a dying town. Struck down by the needs of the people. If you don’t understand that is alright! I will enlighten you. Before you purchase that next comfort item, imagine the cost. The way you choose to heat your home, imagine the cost. Within everything, we choose to purchase there is a price to pay.

Let’s consider the way you heat your home. Say for example with coal, we strip the land of its vital necessities to thrive. Before you move into that cleared forest of land to develop your home. Where did the animals go? Or where are the trees necessary to produce oxygen? Everything we purchase has a price attached. Are you so willing to disregard our planet’s needs or the needs of our people in order to make such a purchase?

Let’s now think alone, of the consequences of oil! I bet most of you, no matter your age, can think of at least one: disaster, death or ungodly consequence. We all have, at least, as far back as I can remember have bought some kind of Tupperware, Rubbermaid, Goodyear, Television or mobile phone. In all these manufactured products oils is a basic ingredient.

I’m sure we can all remember some great oil spill, especially, the breach in a pipe, which created devastation and havoc to our ocean and beaches. I’m also sure, we all remember places we grew up and played in the woods, and now it’s gone! A new development of homes now stands in its place.

Few of us will remember the miners at the Knox Mine Disaster, who paid heavily for our need to heat our homes more economically, regardless if it emits toxic fumes. Now let us add in the way we frack the land to obtain its riches to further our convenience causing more harm and irreversible damage to our environment.

I guess, what I am trying to convey is, whatever you choose to purchase in today’s world has attached to it a very heavy price. Such as our car we could not imagine being without and its deadly emissions causing more irreversible damage to our air.

Every single thing you purchase for “your convenience” has a price. The quick and easy, grab and go bottle of water, the disposable every things, the restaurants” take out containers all the way down to the metal nail file. Everything has a price tag and I believe that few of us are weighing the cost.

Today’s society is a two people working society. The cost of living demands both parents work long and hard hours and that is just to cover living expenses, not including daycare, summer camp, sports or any other activity your child(ren) may be involved in. Therefore, we all want the convenient grab and go life. This is the life that is now killing us all.

We all are so overworked and underpaid that we overwhelmed with life on life’s terms. The prep work to provide us with freshly cooked meals and convenient grab and go snack is just too overbearing in our busy world. But at what a grave expense.

Even a successful business is encouraged to develop a five-year plan or more. I bang my head to think what if we too as responsible humans were encouraged to make the same plan, but with the consideration of what our purchases cost our environment and all of mankind in the long run?

So then I ask you, are you willing to pay the price?


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